Issues after repeated attempts of installing Citrix Receiver (Windows)

If all other options do not offer a solution.

You have removed the Citrix client by using the provided procedure for Windows. You have restarted your system and started the installation again followed by another restart of your computer. Despite your efforts, it is still not possible to make a connection with the Teleworkportal. Possibly something has changed in the settings of your user account or “fallen” and you receive uninformative error messages. This is not something the average computer user can solve.

A tool that we use with much success is creating an additional user on your computer for Apple or Windows systems. The previous actions you have performed will still come in handy! Below you will find the procedure how to add an additional user on your system which might enable you to approach the Teleworkportaal.

Add new user account:

In Windows 7 click the Windows Start button, Control Panel, User Accounts and Family Safety. Then click Manage another account. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Now click Create a new account. Type the desired name for the user (eg. Telework Portal), and click an account type, and click Create Account.

In Windows 8/10 are the first steps are equal: you choose the Windows key + X, choose from the menu that opens, select “Control Panel”. In the new screen, select User Accounts” and then “Manage another account”. A screen is shown with the existing users on your computer. Under the same screen you have the option to “add a new user in PC Settings“.

For Windows 8 you choose Add an account”, then in the new window (on the bottom) choose for “Logging without Microsoft account (not recommended)“, followed by choosing for “Local account” in the next screen. Then choose a logical user name (eg. Telework Portal) with password and password hint, then in the next screen finish the procedure. Log in now with the new account and try again Telework Portal.

Under Windows 10, choose the option “Add someone else to this PCin the Accounts screen under the header “Other users”. We want a local account, and therefor we select the line The person I want to add has no email address.” In the new window, select on the bottom Add user without Microsoft account.” Then choose a logical user name (eg. Telework Portal) with password, and then in the next screen to complete. Log in now with the new account and try again Telework Portal.