Configuring two monitors and get VDI on fullscreen

Here are a few steps for configuring two monitors for your VDI on a Windows platform:

  • Make sure you have installed the latest Citrix Receiver.
  • Log on to Telewerkportal and start a VDI
  • Click on the small bar (with an arrow) at the top of the screen. You now see the bar expanding where you see a few options.
  • Click on the icon ‘Window’.
  • Drag the Windowed screen to the middle of the two monitors.
  • Dubbel click on the upper bar of the windowed screen
  • The VDI should now be in fullscreen mode on two monitors.

Update 16/03/2015 Windows 8.1 Issues with fullscreen mode

Laptop users could experience some issues like flickerings screens or split screens in fullscreen mode. This problem is reported by Windows 8.1 users working on a laptop with high resolutions.

The problem occurs when the the text or icon size is changed. To solve this issue you could try the following:

  • Right click on the Windows start button and select ‘Control Panel’
  • Select ‘Display’
  • Here you can configure the size of Text and Icons, configure it to small.
  • There could be a message saying that you need to logoff and logon again, this is not necessary in this situation.
  • Click Apply

The problem should be solved now.

Two Monitors

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