The Icon of E2B has disappeared and E2B won’t start


The icon of E2B has disappeared from the taskbar and E2B won’t start.

Solution 1: Start E2B from “Toepassingen”
1. Go to start > Alle programma’s > Rabobank Toepassingen > E2B.
2. Is E2B not available? Go to solution 2

Solution 2: Search for the right shortcut
1. Go to start
2. Search for E2B
3. See if E2B will apear in the search results
4. E2B not found? Go to solution 3.

Solution 3:
1. Go to start > Alle programma’s > Microsoft System Center > Configuration Manager > Software Center
2. Go to the tab Installation Status
3. Check if E2B is in the list
4. Start the installation of E2B
If E2B isn’t available then work with