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De FAQ van Self Service Telewerkportaal is bedoeld om je te helpen als je tegen problemen aanloopt bij het gebruik van Telewerkportaal. Voorbeelden zijn problemen bij het installeren van Telewerkportaal (Citrix Receiver) of het inloggen.

Typ een trefwoord in het zoekvenster en klik op 'zoeken'. Mocht je vraag/probleem niet voorkomen in de FAQ maak dan gebruik van het contactformulier in de menu balk. Hiermee help je mee om de FAQ nog completer te maken.

FAQ – Windows


Disconnects iConnect – Power management on your WiFi adapter Windows 7

You can check to make sure your power management settings are not negatively impacting your WiFi adapter’s performance. To prevent undesired disconnects of the connection when your laptop goes into sleep mode, do the following.

Open the Control Panel and choose Power Options. You will see a screen similar to the one shown below.

Click “Change plan settings” for the power plan you are on. The name of the power plan may be different than the one on your computer. In the next screen, select the option “Advanced power settings”.


You now see the screen where you can adjust the advanced power settings. Find the setting for the wireless network adapter, and make sure that it is set to maximum performance for both when using AC power and on battery.


Confirm the changes you have made by clicking “OK”.

Nothing happens / VDI not launching after cliking the VDI-icon / monitor

Sometimes when you click the VDI-icon nothing happens. You can try to resolve this using the instructions below.

These instructions are valid for Internet Explorer.

  • In Internet Explorer click on the gear-icon
  • Click on internet options.
  • On the ‘Advanced’ tab click on [restore advanced settings].
  • Click [ok], close Internet Explorer and try again.

If this doen not resolve your issue, please try in another browser.

Google Chrome: always allow plug-ins on

The VDI doesn’t start when you use Google chrome and a red cross icon appears in the upper right corner. If this is the case then you need to click the icon. A message appaers where you can choose an option.

Google Chrome plug-ins

Now click on “always allow plug-ins on”

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ICA extensie koppelen aan de Citrix client

ICA extensie koppelen aan de Citrix client

Wanneer je een foutmelding krijgt na het dubbelklikken van de monitor voor het opstarten van een VDI en de foutmelding betreft dat .ica niet geopend kan worden dan kun je deze koppelen aan de Citrix client zodat deze standaard wordt geopend.

–          Klik “Meer opties”

SSP Afb 1 

–          Je krijgt nu een lijst te zien met meerdere applicaties, scroll naar onderen en 
            klik “Een andere app zoeken op deze pc”

SSP Afb 2

–          Je kunt het exe bestand van Citrix vinden onder c:/program files (x86)/Citrix/Receiver/Receiver.exe

SSP Afb 3

–          Vergeet niet het vinkje voor “Deze app gebruiken voor alle .ica bestanden” aan te vinken.

SSP Afb 4

–          Klik “Ok”

Installing Citrix Receiver (Windows)

In order to make use of Telewerkportaal, it is necessary that the Citrix Receiver is installed on the computer.

  • When you will make use of Teleworkportaal for the first time, please follow the steps in the article below:
    Installing Citrix Receiver
Launch.ICA Save or Open

You can get this message from your browser when some configuration settings of the Citrix Receiver in Windows are not set.

When you get the message launch.ica after (re)installing the Citrix Receiver then you need to configure the Ica extension to start Citrix Receiver. You can set this up as follows:

  • Click on save when you get the message launch.ica
  • Save it to your desktop
  • Right click launch.ica on your desktop
  • Select “properties”
  • Select at tab General on the “change” button nest to “Open with”
  • Select “browse”
  • Win32: Select C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\wfcrun32.exe
    Win64: Select C:\program files X86\Citrix\ICA Client\wfcrun32.exe
  • Check if the “always use this program to open these files”checkbox is checked.

You also need to add “” to your trusted sites in your browser. You could search it up on the internet if you don’t know how to do this for your browser.

When the problem still excists you could choose to keep clicking on open when the message appears or try reinstalling the Citrix Receiver:

Keywords: browser, launch.ica

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 – Message Open/Save/Cancel

There is a chance that you get the message Open/Save/Cancel when opening/starting Teleworkportal, this can be solved. When you chose for open the message will reappear the next time when you start Teleworkportal again. Please follow the instructions below to prevent this message.

Add Rabobank to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer.

1 Select settings and choose “Internet options” in the drop menu.

openen12 Click on security

3 Click ion sites

openen24 add the following site: https://*

5 Click on “add” and then “close”

Selecteer settings again and click “Compatibility View Settings” in the drop down menu.

openen41 Add the site:

2 Click “Add”

3 Clickclose”


Keywords: IE11, launch.ica

How to delete cookies in Firefox

How to delete cookies in Firefox

  • Click the menu button New Fx Menu, choose , and then .
  • Set Time range to clear to Everything.
  • Click on the arrow next to Details to expand the list of history items.
  • Select Cookies and make sure that other items you want to keep are not selected.ab963d736461b221f497eb33a7f09b1a-1260044801-604-2.png
  • Click Clear Now to clear the cookies and close the Clear Recent History window.
How to delete cookies in Google Chrome

How to delete cookies in Google Chrome

  • Click on the Chrome menu button Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  • Select More tools.
  • Click on Clear browsing data…

  • The window Clear browsing data is opened. The first option is Obliterate the following items from:. Select the beginning of time.
  • Make sure the following boxes are checked:
    • Browsing history
    • Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
    • Cached images and files
  • Click on the button Clear browsing data to complete the removal of cookies in Google Chrome.

How to delete cookies in Internet Explorer

How to delete cookies in Internet Explorer

Start Internet Explorer, go to Tools De knop Extra -> Internet Options. On the General tab, click the Delete … button under Browsing History.

The window Delete Browsing History is opened. Make sure the Cookies and website data check box is checked. Please note that previous versions of Internet Explorer the item can be called Cookies. The other available options can be unchecked if you wish.

Click the Delete button to complete the removal of cookies in Internet Explorer.

Session/connection hangs/is already opened while starting application or VDI

To resolve the issue that your session/connection is hanging or already opened while starting your application or VDI folow the appropriate work instruction.

Private devices are not supported. These instructions are provided AS IS without warranty of any kind just to get you started.

Workinstruction 1 (Screen/session hangs)

When an application or VDI hangs, this could be resolved by stopping the process of this hanging application. (use [CTRL]+[F3]).

Workinstruction 2 (Rabobank maintained deviced only)

For a Windows 7 device, check if the sleepmode in power options is not set to 30 minutes.

  • Click ‘start’
  • In the box start typing ‘energiebeheer’ / ‘power options’
  • Click ‘energiebeheerschema bewerken’ / ‘change plan settings’
  • Check if ‘De computer in slaapstand zetten’ / ‘Put computer to sleep’ is not set to 30 minutes. (is it is, contact the Servicedesk)
  • Lock the workstation with the key combination [Windows key] + [L] and remove the smartcard.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and insert the smartcard again. Press [vtrl]+[alt]+[del] an enter the appropriate pincode.
  • If needed supply the pincode for the application and continue.
Workinstructions 3 (aTelewerkportaal with private pc only)

Make sure the you are using the lateset Citrix receiver.

If the issue persists afte following the workinstructions.

– Rightclick the Citrix icon citrix_icoon or Citrix_Receiver in de Systeemtray


and choose  “Refresh Applications” (about ->advanced -> online plugin settings -> Refresh applications)  enter your pincode when propted.

When the problem still persists: contact the servicedesk.

SSL 61 error when connecting (Windows)

When you connect to your VDI, you get the SSL 61 error message as descibed below.

Citrix Receiver:
Unable to launch your application. Contact your help desk with the following information: Can not connect to the Citrix XenApp server.
SSL Error 61: You have not chosen to trust “DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA”, the issuer of the server’s security certificate.

To resolve this issue, you can do the following:

If reinstalling the Citrix receiver does not provide the solution, you can try another browser. Do you have the same problem with another browser, then you can try to create a new user profile in Windows.

How to check your Citrix Receiver version (Windows)

To see what version of Citrix Receiver you have installed you could do the following:
– At the right bottom of the screen you see the Citrix Receiver icon Citrix_Receiver
– Right click on the icon and select ‘About’


– The number next to ‘Version’ is the current version you have installed


It’s always good to work with the newest version of the Citrix Receiver.
But it is necessary that you need to update if the version is below 4.1 (14.1)

See for instructions to remove the old version.

See for instructions to install the newest version of the Citrix Reciever.

What does error ‘Connection Interrupted’ means?

This error message appears in case your device doesn’t have a stable connection. Most often this is caused by the fact that you are working wireless and you are to far gone from your accesspoint. Advise is to work closer to the accesspoint or to make use of a cable connection.

Suggestions for your device:

    • Disable the audio in your VDI when having regular disconnects
    • If losing the internet connection the moment you make the connection to the VDI. (click on the VDI icon within the telewerkportaal portal) you should reset your home router
    • Install the latest Citrix Receiver, at the startpage on you can find the work instruction you need
Windows 10 is uitgebracht! Telewerkportaal is getest en functioneert prima

29 juli is Windows 10 officieel op de markt uitgebracht.
Telewerkportaal is getest op Windows 10 en functioneert  prima.

Wij hebben hiervoor een werkinstructie aangepast, deze is hetzelfde als Windows 8.

Deze kun je vinden op de home pagina van het selfserviceportaal “Telewerkportaal installeren” – “Windows 8 / 10”

Klik hier om rechtstreeks naar de “Telewerkportaal installeren” pagina te gaan

Telewerkportaal installeren

Error: Not a privileged user.

In some cases you can get the error message “Error: Not a privileged user” when your session has expired and internet browser is still open. See the image below.

not a privileged user

Refresh the page and the error will disappear. At this moment we are working on an update to solve this issue.

Telewerkportaal Error Cannot Complete Request —– http/1.1 service unavailable

The following error can occur when logging on to Telewerkportaal:
Error Cannot Complete Request —– http/1.1 service unavailable

This problem can be fixed by clearing the browser cache:
Internet Explorer: Internet options / inhoud / ssl status wissen
Microsoft Edge: Use Internet Explorer
Chrome: CTRL-SHIFT-DEL / clear data

For other browser please check the following website: Clear browser cache.

Wat betekent foutmelding 2738?

Deze foutmelding gaat vaak samen met de melding ‘Internal Error’ Je krijgt deze melding omdat er in je windows installatie een onderdeel niet juist is geconfigureerd.
Om deze melding te verhelpen ga je naar Start -> Run/Uitvoeren
Type in het venster regsvr32 vbscript.dll
Probeer hierna nogmaals de installatie te starten.

Wat betekent foutmelding SSL 38?

Bij deze foutmelding gaat er iets niet goed met de verbinding tussen je computer en het Telewerkportaal.
Verwijder in je browser alle Cookies en Tijdelijke bestanden.
Herstart je browser en log opnieuw in.

Wat betekent foutmelding ‘Unable to find a version to runtime this application’


To enable the option for programs to use .NET 4 Framework, create a policy file for each executable.

To create a policy file, complete the following procedure:

  • Find all the copies of the following Citrix executable files on the computer:
  • Updater.exe
  • MerchServerConnector.exe
  • ControlPanel.exe
Note: There might be multiple copies of some of these files.
  • Create a configuration file with the following content, using a text editor such as Notepad:
<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy=”true”>
<supportedRuntime version=”v4.0″/>
Ensure that you create a copy of the preceding file for every executable file.
  • Save the files in the folder where the executable files are saved.
  • Name the file with the same name as the executable file and specify config as the extension of the file.
  • is a sample of the file name:
  • is the configuration file for the Updater.exe file.

On computers with Citrix Receiver Updater 3.0 or later, close the Receiver application by using the menu on the taskbar icon. Restart Citrix Receiver from the Start menu.

Citrix bar disappeared or missing


The Citrix bar is disappeared or missing, so you are unable to switch between the Telewerkportaal and your own desktop. To solve this issue, you should use the following key combination: CTRL – SHIFT – F2. The bar should be visible again.

The time presented in your Telewerkportal session is not correct.

The issue: The time presented within your VDI doesn’t match the time on your own device.

The Telewerkportal session takes over your own device local time zone. Although your device presents the right time it is possible that the settings on your own device aren’t correct.

Verify the Time Zone setting on your device: (GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlijn, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Wenen. Also verify the option ‘Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time’  is selected.

Disconnect and reconnect the Telewerkportal session. The time within the VDI should now match the time on your own device.

Restart Dedicated VDI

If you want to restart your Dedicated VDI, you can do this as follows:

  • Log in to Telewerkportaal
  • Click next to the VDI on the button “Details”
  • Click on the button “Restart”

Contact the servicedesk if it is not possible to restart the VDI.

Problem with opening the Telewerkportaal page

If you have difficulty opening the Telewerkportaal page, it may be possible that cookies that are stored on your device are causing a problem.

Examples of such problems include the error Page can not be displayed, error 550, one moment please or error 43546.

Deleting cookies can provide a solution. Below you will find a description of how you can delete the cookies for the most common browsers:

Issues after repeated attempts of installing Citrix Receiver (Windows)

If all other options do not offer a solution.

You have removed the Citrix client by using the provided procedure for Windows. You have restarted your system and started the installation again followed by another restart of your computer. Despite your efforts, it is still not possible to make a connection with the Teleworkportal. Possibly something has changed in the settings of your user account or “fallen” and you receive uninformative error messages. This is not something the average computer user can solve.

A tool that we use with much success is creating an additional user on your computer for Apple or Windows systems. The previous actions you have performed will still come in handy! Below you will find the procedure how to add an additional user on your system which might enable you to approach the Teleworkportaal.

Add new user account:

In Windows 7 click the Windows Start button, Control Panel, User Accounts and Family Safety. Then click Manage another account. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Now click Create a new account. Type the desired name for the user (eg. Telework Portal), and click an account type, and click Create Account.

In Windows 8/10 are the first steps are equal: you choose the Windows key + X, choose from the menu that opens, select “Control Panel”. In the new screen, select User Accounts” and then “Manage another account”. A screen is shown with the existing users on your computer. Under the same screen you have the option to “add a new user in PC Settings“.

For Windows 8 you choose Add an account”, then in the new window (on the bottom) choose for “Logging without Microsoft account (not recommended)“, followed by choosing for “Local account” in the next screen. Then choose a logical user name (eg. Telework Portal) with password and password hint, then in the next screen finish the procedure. Log in now with the new account and try again Telework Portal.

Under Windows 10, choose the option “Add someone else to this PCin the Accounts screen under the header “Other users”. We want a local account, and therefor we select the line The person I want to add has no email address.” In the new window, select on the bottom Add user without Microsoft account.” Then choose a logical user name (eg. Telework Portal) with password, and then in the next screen to complete. Log in now with the new account and try again Telework Portal.

Improve Skype sessions on a VDI

Do you use your own device (byod) together with a dedicated VDI and could the quality of your Skype sessions be improved? Network latency between your own device and your VDI might be the cause. Citrix has released software to optimize the connection for your Skype sessions.

The software contains two packages: one to be installed on your personal Windows 7 VDI and is available via the RaboShop. The second is to be downloaded by yourself and needs to be installed on your own device.

The HDX RealTime Connector is available via the RaboShop, but only for users of a dedicated Windows 7 VDI! Within the RaboShop (which is in Dutch) you search for ‘DTB1140’ (Software Aanvraag). Next use the link for ‘Bestelformulier’ (order form) and from there select the following.

  • ‘Voor 1 of meerdere personen 1 werkplek software’ (one or more persons 1 VDI software)
  • “Platformnaam”: W7 or W7X64
  • Search in the form under the head Software for: HDX* <– include*

You need to install the client software (HDX RealTime Media Engine) on your own device (Windows\Mac\Linux) and not on the VDI!. This is to be downloaded via the next link: For Windows users two packages are available either the HDX RealTime Media Engine itself or combined with the Citrix Receiver just in case you needed that. For installing the software just follow the default values.

Attention: The HDX RealTime Connector should only be ordered for your primary VDI from where your Skype sessions are started. The first VDI equipped with the HDX RealTime Connector you connect to will have advantage of an optimized connection. The client software is to be installed on your own device at your own risk, there will be no support from the helpdesk.


In the following situations the connection is and is not optimized.

When having a non-optimized connection it could be that the HDX RealTime Media Engine is not correctly installed on your own device. It could also be that case that you are connected to two different VDI bot equipped with the HDX RealTime Connector and only the first connection will be optimized.

Windows byod
If you keep receiving messages about an un-optimized connection check your Windows firewall to see if the Citrix Media Engine Services is allowed over TCP and UDP. You could add them manually or try reinstalling the client application.

Roadmap for VDI Re-Disconnect Problems – Windows

Roadmap for Re-\Disconnects VDI

From a private laptop (not Rabo)=BYOD

NOTE: Perform these steps only if Re-\Disconnects or delays between your BYOD and VDI occur regularly. If you are satisfied with how your BYOD is working, you can always read this plan as “FYI”.

This checklist aims to optimally configure the Apple BYOD workplace for use of VDI at Rabobank. The steps can be performed by the user itself. Any support here should be the responsibility of the external supplier. The Rabobank Service Desk will not provide support because it not concerns a Rabobank device.


Host = BYOD PrivateWorkplace of the User
VDI = The Virtual Rabobank Workplace

Control steps / Recommendations

Use only one single Display

2 beeldschermen

It has been found that the use of two or more display screens increases the likelihood of a re- / disconnect. It is therefore recommended to switch back to a single display screen (either built-in or externally connected).

Check the power settings for the Wireless Network Adaptor on your laptop (host)

Follow for windowslogoWindows 7 the instructions discribed at (also available on external networks).

Follow for windowslogoWindows 8 (8.1) the instructions discribed at (also available on external networks).

Settings for “Power Options” should be set to the “High Performance” plan (for both working “On battery” as well as “Plugged In”).

This will prevent the system from allowing the wireless network interface to be suspended.

Verify the version of the driver for the wireless network interface on the laptop (host)


Make sure to use the vendor provided driver and update it to the most recent version. Microsoft native drivers are functional, however they are in most cases insufficiently effective for use with VDI. For more information on the most suitable driver for your system, please visit the vendor site. To find out the vendor and model of your wireless network interface:

Start a “command prompt” (through Start > Run > “cmd” (followed by enter)

Type netsh wlan show drivers

(here is an example of the output on a Windows OS)

Verify the version of the Citrix Receiver on the laptop (Host)

Right-click the Citrix Receiver icon citrixreceiverin the taskbar (or through the hidden icons) and click “about” or “Advanced Preferences” (in newer versions). This will show the installed receiver version (most recent version to date is

Check the version you installed and download the Citrix Receiver to your laptop (host) via:

If you experience installation issues with the Citrix Receiver, please refer to the following Citrix article:

Check Windows Updates on the laptop (Host)

Open “Windows Update” in the start menu and make sure all important and optional updates are installed. If not, apply all available updates to your system.

Use 5 GHz network instead of 2,4 GHz network

Often using the 5 GHz network will provide a more stable VDI connection. To find out if the wireless network interface is capable of using the 5 Ghz network follow next steps:

Start a command prompt (through Start > Run > “cmd” (followed by enter)

Type netsh wlan show drivers

The output should contain 802.11a, 802.11ac or 802.11n for the interface to be able to connect to the 5GHz network.
To find out the current connection to the wireless network:

Start a command prompt (through Start > Run > “cmd” (followed by enter)

Type netsh wlan show interfaces

This will show similar output on a Windows host:

If the value for “channel” is 15 or higher, the host is connected to the 5 GHz network. Signal is an indicator for signal strength and should be at least 40% (or higher). If signal strength is too low, find another desk where the signal is sufficient.

Dongles: (usb network dongle)

If the installed wireless network interface does not support 5GHz networks and you are experiencing re- or disconnects, consider using another wireless network interface.

IT Nederland successfully tested two models of 5GHz USB wireless network interface:

Dongles are to be purchased on own account.


If all of the above steps are complete and have not led to satisfactory results with regards to VDI, we advise you to change your client device (i.e. use another laptop for working with Rabobank VDI). The end-user is responsible for obtaining another device at his/her employer.

Configuring two monitors and get VDI on fullscreen

Here are a few steps for configuring two monitors for your VDI on a Windows platform:

  • Make sure you have installed the latest Citrix Receiver.
  • Log on to Telewerkportal and start a VDI
  • Click on the small bar (with an arrow) at the top of the screen. You now see the bar expanding where you see a few options.
  • Click on the icon ‘Window’.
  • Drag the Windowed screen to the middle of the two monitors.
  • Dubbel click on the upper bar of the windowed screen
  • The VDI should now be in fullscreen mode on two monitors.

Update 16/03/2015 Windows 8.1 Issues with fullscreen mode

Laptop users could experience some issues like flickerings screens or split screens in fullscreen mode. This problem is reported by Windows 8.1 users working on a laptop with high resolutions.

The problem occurs when the the text or icon size is changed. To solve this issue you could try the following:

  • Right click on the Windows start button and select ‘Control Panel’
  • Select ‘Display’
  • Here you can configure the size of Text and Icons, configure it to small.
  • There could be a message saying that you need to logoff and logon again, this is not necessary in this situation.
  • Click Apply

The problem should be solved now.

Two Monitors

Keywords: Second monitor, screen, two monitors, dual mode, fullscreen

Remove Citrix Receiver in Windows

Citrix has created a tool to remove the Citrix Receiver software completely from your Windows system.
It is recommended that you run this tool before you install the new version of the receiver.

Click the following link to download the tool: ReceiverCleanupUtility.

How to use the tool?

  1. Download the to a location on your computer. For example, the downloads folder.
  2. Double-click and unzip the file to your computer.
  3. Make sure you are logged in with administrator rights on the computer.
  4. Double-click the program to start it, then click “Run” when get the message: ‘The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure to run this software?”
  5. Wait until the program is finished and reboot the computer.
  6. After the reboot the Citrix Receiver can be installed, as described on the homepage installation Telework Portal.
  7. Reboot the computer after the Receiver is installed.

If the problems are not resolved after performing the Clean-Up Tool, a new user account can be created on the computer. This new user account can then be used to connect to the Telewerk Portal. For Windows computers, this is described in the article Issues after repeated attempts of installing Citrix Receiver (Windows).

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