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De FAQ van Self Service Telewerkportaal is bedoeld om je te helpen als je tegen problemen aanloopt bij het gebruik van Telewerkportaal. Voorbeelden zijn problemen bij het installeren van Telewerkportaal (Citrix Receiver) of het inloggen.

Typ een trefwoord in het zoekvenster en klik op 'zoeken'. Mocht je vraag/probleem niet voorkomen in de FAQ maak dan gebruik van het contactformulier in de menu balk. Hiermee help je mee om de FAQ nog completer te maken.

FAQ – Linux


Linux: Black square around your cursor

Are you using Linux and you have a black square around your cursor when you are working with Teleworkportal like in the screenshot?


Solution 1:

Switch back to a normal mouse on Teleworkportal: Start -> control panel -> Mouse.
Select the tab pointers and choose for normal selection.


Solution 2:

When you are not able to use solution 1 you will need to change a setting on your Linux system. In /home/USER/.ICAClient you need to add in wfclient.ini the line DisableXRender=1

In /home/USER/.ICAClient voeg je de onderstaande regel toe aan wfclient.ini


SSL 61 Error when connecting (Linux)

When you connect to Telewerkportaal-Shared / VDI, you get the error message: You have not chosen to trust “Digicert High Assurance EV Root CA”, the issuer of the server’s security certificate (SSL error 61)

error 61

To fix this, open a Terminal session.

Type the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo ln -s /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/
sudo c_rehash /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

Restart your browser and try again. If you do not come further, install the latest Receiver (at the time of writing is that 13.2) from the Citrix website:

Keyboard layout jumps between NL and EN

Wanneer je Linux Ubuntu versie 14.04 gebruikt,  kan het probleem bestaan dat er op de virtuele machine telkens geschakeld wordt tussen een Nederlands of Engels toetsenbord wat vervelend is wanneer je gebruik maakt van bijv. sneltoetsen of leestekens.

De workaround hiervoor is het aanpassen van de config/module.ini welke meestal terug te vinden is in de installatie doelmap. Meestal is dat: /usr/lib/ICAClient.

Zoek naar de regel: ‘UseLocalIM=True’ verander deze naar ‘False’.

What does error ‘Connection Interrupted’ means?

This error message appears in case your device doesn’t have a stable connection. Most often this is caused by the fact that you are working wireless and you are to far gone from your accesspoint. Advise is to work closer to the accesspoint or to make use of a cable connection.

Suggestions for your device:

    • Disable the audio in your VDI when having regular disconnects
    • If losing the internet connection the moment you make the connection to the VDI. (click on the VDI icon within the telewerkportaal portal) you should reset your home router
    • Install the latest Citrix Receiver, at the startpage on you can find the work instruction you need
Aanpassen gedrag middelste muisknop

Hoe kan ik het gedrag van de middelste muisknop aanpassen bij het gebruik van de Citrix Reciever op een Linux systeem

To turn off this feature for:
XenApp connections
Make sure your $HOME/.ICAClient/wfclient.ini file entry for MouseSendsControlV=False
Custom connections
Use the UI toggle setting “Enable Middle Button Paste” on the Properties->Connection (TAB).

Error: Not a privileged user.

In some cases you can get the error message “Error: Not a privileged user” when your session has expired and internet browser is still open. See the image below.

not a privileged user

Refresh the page and the error will disappear. At this moment we are working on an update to solve this issue.

Wat betekent foutmelding SSL 38?

Bij deze foutmelding gaat er iets niet goed met de verbinding tussen je computer en het Telewerkportaal.
Verwijder in je browser alle Cookies en Tijdelijke bestanden.
Herstart je browser en log opnieuw in.

Improve Skype sessions on a VDI

Do you use your own device (byod) together with a dedicated VDI and could the quality of your Skype sessions be improved? Network latency between your own device and your VDI might be the cause. Citrix has released software to optimize the connection for your Skype sessions.

The software contains two packages: one to be installed on your personal Windows 7 VDI and is available via the RaboShop. The second is to be downloaded by yourself and needs to be installed on your own device.

The HDX RealTime Connector is available via the RaboShop, but only for users of a dedicated Windows 7 VDI! Within the RaboShop (which is in Dutch) you search for ‘DTB1140’ (Software Aanvraag). Next use the link for ‘Bestelformulier’ (order form) and from there select the following.

  • ‘Voor 1 of meerdere personen 1 werkplek software’ (one or more persons 1 VDI software)
  • “Platformnaam”: W7 or W7X64
  • Search in the form under the head Software for: HDX* <– include*

You need to install the client software (HDX RealTime Media Engine) on your own device (Windows\Mac\Linux) and not on the VDI!. This is to be downloaded via the next link: For Windows users two packages are available either the HDX RealTime Media Engine itself or combined with the Citrix Receiver just in case you needed that. For installing the software just follow the default values.

Attention: The HDX RealTime Connector should only be ordered for your primary VDI from where your Skype sessions are started. The first VDI equipped with the HDX RealTime Connector you connect to will have advantage of an optimized connection. The client software is to be installed on your own device at your own risk, there will be no support from the helpdesk.


In the following situations the connection is and is not optimized.

When having a non-optimized connection it could be that the HDX RealTime Media Engine is not correctly installed on your own device. It could also be that case that you are connected to two different VDI bot equipped with the HDX RealTime Connector and only the first connection will be optimized.

Windows byod
If you keep receiving messages about an un-optimized connection check your Windows firewall to see if the Citrix Media Engine Services is allowed over TCP and UDP. You could add them manually or try reinstalling the client application.

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