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De FAQ van Self Service Telewerkportaal is bedoeld om je te helpen als je tegen problemen aanloopt bij het gebruik van Telewerkportaal. Voorbeelden zijn problemen bij het installeren van Telewerkportaal (Citrix Receiver) of het inloggen.

Typ een trefwoord in het zoekvenster en klik op 'zoeken'. Mocht je vraag/probleem niet voorkomen in de FAQ maak dan gebruik van het contactformulier in de menu balk. Hiermee help je mee om de FAQ nog completer te maken.



Ending E2B connection

Click on the taskbar the triangular icon and then select the E2B icon to get the E2B client in the front. Click on ‘Verbreken‘ to end the connection.


Putting your laptop into sleeping mode without first ending the E2B connection and then taking your laptop into the office and wake up the laptop again, you will get an error message. The reason for this is: You laptop can’t find the E2B server anymore because it’s directly connected to the network while your laptop still thinks he has to connect through E2B.  You can’t work with outlook anymore because outlook can’t connect to the exchange server. Therefore it is recommended to always end your E2B connection before you are going to work on the office again.

E2B loginscript didn’t run / Network drives are not available

If you have issues while working with E2B and the icon of E2B is visible but:
– Lync didn’t start
– Not all applications are available (Citrix Receiver didn’t start)
– Disks are not connected
– Network drives are not visible in explorer

Start the loginscript manually:
– Click “start”
– Click “all program’s”
– Click “Rabobank Toepassingen”
– Click “inlog script starten”
Check the following after the loginscript is finished:
– Did Lync start
– Did Citrix Receiver started
– Are the Network drives available in explorer

E2B: You can’t login because of a certificate validation error

E2B: You can’t login because of an error certificate validation error update or Certification Validation Failure.

Before I login i get the error certificate validation error update or Certification Validation Failure.

In this situation you can have more possible solutions:

Solution 1: 
Shut down your computer completely and start it again, wait until your computer is started completely and try to start E2B again.

Solution 2: removing the certificate
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Go to menu: Tools – Internet options
3. Go to tab ‘Content’
4. Click the ‘certificates’ button
5. You see a certificate with your own name, select this one
6. Click the ‘remove’ button
7. Close the window, click the ‘OK’ button and close Internet Explorer.
8. Try to make a connection with E2B.
9. Click on ‘OK’ in case that the Cisco Anyconnect certificate slection pop-up appears
10. Try to connect to E2B, if this doesn’t work, restart your device and try again.

Solution 3:
If solution 1 and 2 didn’t work you could try to renew your smartcard. You will get a new certificate when you do this. Don’t forget to log on to your laptop at the office before you take the laptop home.

The Icon of E2B has disappeared and E2B won’t start


The icon of E2B has disappeared from the taskbar and E2B won’t start.

Solution 1: Start E2B from “Toepassingen”
1. Go to start > Alle programma’s > Rabobank Toepassingen > E2B.
2. Is E2B not available? Go to solution 2

Solution 2: Search for the right shortcut
1. Go to start
2. Search for E2B
3. See if E2B will apear in the search results
4. E2B not found? Go to solution 3.

Solution 3:
1. Go to start > Alle programma’s > Microsoft System Center > Configuration Manager > Software Center
2. Go to the tab Installation Status
3. Check if E2B is in the list
4. Start the installation of E2B
If E2B isn’t available then work with

How fast is my internet connection?

How fast is my internet and how to improve it??

In your connection towards de bank many components are involved. Only if all of these component are working accordingly, you’ll be able the get the most out of your internet connection. Are you using a private internet connection or are you sharing? Are there more people in your household using the same connection. Maybe junior is downloading the latest blockbusters while attending school and by doing so squeezing your connection.

What is my actual internet speed?

Some providers offer a speedtest for their customers. The outcome of tests like these represent the performance between your connection and the provider which are often good due to the direct connection. These tests give you an idea of that your are delivered where you have paid for.

For Ziggo:
For KPN:
Other ISP may offer a service like this.

The outcome of the test can be limited by the type of connection your using. Using a networkcable is many times faster compared to WIFI! Additional you could connect to E2B and do the test again and compare the results.

The download speed is often represented like: “Internet 25” which means the download speed would be under best circumstances 25Mb. An often made mistake is that only the download speed matters, upload is just as important but doesn’t need to be as fast compared to the download speed. Is junior consuming your upload by using tools such as Torrents, it could cause your download speed to drop.

When connected via E2B your also using your upload. For instance your uploading when doing the following tasks.

  • When placing a new Powerpoint presentation on the Sharepoint projectsite.
  • When saving a Word document on the drive H:\afdelingsdata

Limiting factors of your connection

  • How busy is the bank network
  • Your laptop which might be older
  • Your internetconnection is to slow.
  • Your upload speed is being used to the maximum.
  • The distance between your home and the ISP central connection point are to far apart
  • Unstable connection (WIFI channels conflict with other signals)
  • Placement of  access point
  • Junior downloading blockbusters

These and more factors could influence the connection speed.

I often use E2B at a hotel or with UMTS

I often use E2B at a hotel or in combination with an UMTS network. How about the expenses?

E2B sent and receives a lot of data over the established connection. This is causing a lot off data usage.

When you’re at home the data usage is not really a issue but in the case you are using E2B over a connection where you have to pay for the transferred data, the use of E2B can cause an big bill.

Examples can be when you’re working with E2B in a hotel or in a train through UMTS. In this last case it’s wise to look at your UMTS subscription in terms of data bundle and the cost when crossing the limits.

Reason with you manager about the use of E2B before so the received bill will not come as a surprise later on.

I get the error message “Certifcatie Validation Error Update“

In most cases a restart of your computer wil solve this problem. Contact the Servicedesk if the problem still persist.

Pop-up message “you may need to use a browser….”

Are your working mobile within the office and you have pop-messages saying “You may need to use a browser” then you can ingnore this message. The vendor did let us know that they can’t turn off the message.

Printing and other local network connections

When you are connected through E2B it’s not possible to make use of other connections (your own network) at the same time. This is for security  reasons. As a result it is not possible to print to your own network printer.

Do you still want to print on your own network printer you should terminate your E2B connection first or you could connect your home printer directly through USB to the ‘rabo’ laptop. Not all device drivers for all printers are available but most printers will be recognized and will work.

Smartcard locked (Token lock E2B)

Your smartcard can be locked by software. You can solve this yourself by restarting your computer and try to login again. You need a new smartcard if this doesn’t solve the problem. You can ask your security manager how to do this.

When will the E2B connection automatically reconnect

When you have a connection with E2B and you didn’t touch your keyboard or mouse for less then 30 minutes your connection will be automatically reconnect when you hit a key or move your mouse. If you didn’t tcouh your keyboard or mouse for more then 30 minutes you need to fill in your username and password again.

Wich application I cannot use while working with E2B?

You can only find this on the internal IT Portal (ICT portaal). In the menu Network you go to “Toegang tot het netwerk” and you choose for “Met RB device (E2B)”.
In “Werkwijze” then “Toepassingen” are all the applications that are blocked because of security reasons that you can’t use while working with E2B.

Power on WIFI on a bussiness laptop

It sometimes happens on a bussiness laptop that WIFI is turned off.

To use E2B WIFI must be ‘on’.

On most bussiness laptops the WIFI switch is on the side of the laptop.

Switch the WIFI button to the antenna sign WIFIto turn WIFI on:

  Dell-Latitude-XT3-pijl Dell-Latitude-E6510-pijl Dell-Latitude-6430-pijl

E2B: error posture assesment failed

Before i login i get the error posture assesment failed.

instruction 1: Restart the laptop
Restart the laptop and see if this solves the problem. If not, follow Instruction 2.

instruction 2: Check your Internet connection
Check your Internet connection. If the laptop is connected to the Internet, then follow instruction 3.

instruction 3: Install E2B through Software Center.
The following can be carried out without an Internet connection and / or external (home) location.
1. Go to Start> All Programs> Microsoft System Center> Configuration Manager> Software Center.
2. Go to the Available Software tab.
3. Click on E2B recovery – reinstallation.
4. Is E2B recovery – reinstallation not listed? Go to the Installation Status tab.
5. Start the E2B recovery – reinstallation.

Did the E2B recovery solve the problem? If not, please contact the servicedesk.
You can use Telewerkportal as an alternative.

E2B: Common problems

E2B doesn’t make connection


When you try to connect to E2B (via WiFi) an error appears, as example:

  • The VPN client driver encountered an error
  • Due to unsuccessful domain name resolution
  • Cannot connect
  • Any other connection error


Make use of a wired internet connection instead of a wireless WiFi connection. E2B works the best with a wired internet connection. To shut down the WiFi connection follow Solution 1, step 1. In case you’re not familiar with working on a wired internet connection at home, contact your internet provider.

Solution 1: Place a network cable between your internet router and laptop:

  1. Disable your WiFi adapter via the switch on the side of your laptop. Laptop types E7450, E7440 & E5470 don’t have a physical switch! For these types use the key combination FN –PRINTSCREEN
    • In case your laptop doesn’t make connection via the network cable, follow
      Solution 2
  2. Make connection with E2B
  3. Keep the laptop 30 minutes connected to your internet router
  4. After 30 minutes close E2B
  5. Remove the network cable from the laptop
  6. Start E2B via WiFi, see step 1 for turning on the WiFi.
    • If your WiFi doesn’t start, check your WiFi connections of your home network.

In case there can’t be made any connection with your home network, contact your internet provider

Solution 2: Reboot de laptop:

  1. Turn off the laptop, via Start -> Shutdown /Afsluiten
  2. Wait 20 seconds after turning off your laptop before rebooting
  3. Reboot the laptop

If there is still no connection with E2B after the reboot of the laptop, follow Solution 3.


Solution 3: Reinstall E2B:

  1. Go to Start > Alle programma’s > Microsoft System Center > Configuration Manager > Software Center
  2. Go to the tab Available Software
  3. Check if E2B herstel – Herinstallatie is in the list. If E2B herstel – Herinstallatie is in the list go further to step 5.
  4. Go to the next tab Installation Status
  5. Start the installation of E2B

 If none of the above solutions work, you can’t do anything more to solve E2B. To keep working you can do two things:

  1. Go to Telewerkportaal ( Beware! A Vascoreader (blue device) is required. For more information go to and follow the kiosks.
  2. Call the Cross Channel Servicedesk.

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