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De FAQ van Self Service Telewerkportaal is bedoeld om je te helpen als je tegen problemen aanloopt bij het gebruik van Telewerkportaal. Voorbeelden zijn problemen bij het installeren van Telewerkportaal (Citrix Receiver) of het inloggen.

Typ een trefwoord in het zoekvenster en klik op 'zoeken'. Mocht je vraag/probleem niet voorkomen in de FAQ maak dan gebruik van het contactformulier in de menu balk. Hiermee help je mee om de FAQ nog completer te maken.

FAQ – Algemeen


E2B: You can’t login because of a certificate validation error

E2B: You can’t login because of an error certificate validation error update or Certification Validation Failure.

Before I login i get the error certificate validation error update or Certification Validation Failure.

In this situation you can have more possible solutions:

Solution 1: 
Shut down your computer completely and start it again, wait until your computer is started completely and try to start E2B again.

Solution 2: removing the certificate
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Go to menu: Tools – Internet options
3. Go to tab ‘Content’
4. Click the ‘certificates’ button
5. You see a certificate with your own name, select this one
6. Click the ‘remove’ button
7. Close the window, click the ‘OK’ button and close Internet Explorer.
8. Try to make a connection with E2B.
9. Click on ‘OK’ in case that the Cisco Anyconnect certificate slection pop-up appears
10. Try to connect to E2B, if this doesn’t work, restart your device and try again.

Solution 3:
If solution 1 and 2 didn’t work you could try to renew your smartcard. You will get a new certificate when you do this. Don’t forget to log on to your laptop at the office before you take the laptop home.

Nothing happens / VDI not launching after cliking the VDI-icon / monitor

Sometimes when you click the VDI-icon nothing happens. You can try to resolve this using the instructions below.

These instructions are valid for Internet Explorer.

  • In Internet Explorer click on the gear-icon
  • Click on internet options.
  • On the ‘Advanced’ tab click on [restore advanced settings].
  • Click [ok], close Internet Explorer and try again.

If this doen not resolve your issue, please try in another browser.

Error message 1110 when starting the VDI

The connection to “Telewerkportaal-shared” failed with status (1110)

This error message can’t be pointed to a root cause because it can be generated by multiple different issues. We have noted the most known issues below:

Possible cause 1: The Internet browser. Close the browser and try again or try a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Possible cause 2: The private router at home. Colleagues have reported that in a few cases the router could be the cause and that a reset of the router solved the issue.

Possible cause 3: Citrix Receiver. First try a restart of the computer. If this doesn’t solve the problem try to reinstall the Citrix Receiver. The instructions for this can be found at the following page:

Possible cause 4: Corrupt user profile. The configuration files needed for Telewerkportal and/or Citrix Receiver seems to be damaged and reinstalling the Citrix Receiver doesn’t solve the problem. Try to make a new user profile wich you only use for Telewerkportal and try to log on again.

The Icon of E2B has disappeared and E2B won’t start


The icon of E2B has disappeared from the taskbar and E2B won’t start.

Solution 1: Start E2B from “Toepassingen”
1. Go to start > Alle programma’s > Rabobank Toepassingen > E2B.
2. Is E2B not available? Go to solution 2

Solution 2: Search for the right shortcut
1. Go to start
2. Search for E2B
3. See if E2B will apear in the search results
4. E2B not found? Go to solution 3.

Solution 3:
1. Go to start > Alle programma’s > Microsoft System Center > Configuration Manager > Software Center
2. Go to the tab Installation Status
3. Check if E2B is in the list
4. Start the installation of E2B
If E2B isn’t available then work with

The desktop that you are trying to connect to is currently undergoing maintenance. Contact your system administrator.

Als je deze melding krijgt staat de werkplek in ‘onderhoud’. Alleen de Servicedesk kan jouw werkplek weer resetten of vrijgeven. Geef dan bij de Servicedesk het volgende aan: “Mijn Windows7 virtuele werkplek (VDI) staat in maintenance.”

What period of time stay sessions active?

Logged on to Telewerkportal your session will not stay open for ever.

  • When your VDI is not used for 4 hours the connection will be dropped. But your VDI session stay ’s active on the background. If you log on to Telewerkportal at this time and select your VDI, you will come back in your active VDI session. (applications still are active)
  • When your VDI is not used for 4 hours the connection will be dropped. If you don’t logon to Telewerkportal within an additional period of 5 hours the active VDI session on the background will be terminated (VDI and all applications are closed). When you logon to Telewerkportal after this time you will get a ‘new’ VDI.
Your smartcard data needs to be refreshed.

To maintain access to the network of the bank, it is important that the data on your smartcard is up to date. Therefore we urge you to refresh the information on your smartcard frequently by updating the certificate on your smartcard during logon. Later in this article you can read how to do it.

You need your personal smartcard to access your working environment. Your smartcard is used to get access to your business computer, Telewerk Portaal, Werkplek Portaal and the Boven Lokale Samenwerking Portaal (BLS portal). In addition, your smartcard also enables you to enter office buildings and facilities. For safety reasons the data on smartcards are valid for a limited time. When the data on your smartcard is no longer valid, it is not possible to get access to the Rabobank network; physical access to the buildings and offices remains possible.

What should you do?
You can refresh the data on this smartcard through a so-called certificate rollover process. The way to start this process depends on how you are connected to the Rabobank network:

  1. Are you connected to the Rabobank network in an office location via Wi-Fi or network cable?
    If your current email address is different from the email address stored in the certificate on your smartcard, you will get the opportunity to update the data on your smartcard. This can be done by the certificate rollover process that will be started automatically when you logon to your workstation, when connected to the Rabobank network. When the logon-script is executed, a rollover message appears on your screen. This message will not appear if the workplace is resumed from hibernation or sleep mode.When the rollover message appears on the screen, click to continue and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to enter your PIN several times here, this is part of the rollover process. The entire rollover process takes approximately four minutes. It is important that you stay present during the process and that you complete the entire process.For a complete process description; go to the ICT Portaal (note: the description is in Dutch):
  2. Are you connected to the Rabobank network using Telewerk Portaal (TWP) or E2B?
    You will not receive the automatic rollover message unless you logon to the Rabobank network on a Rabobank location. Please restart your computer when you are physically on a Rabobank location and using the Rabobank network via Wi-Fi or network cable. It will then activate the rollover process automatically. Just follow the process as described in section one.
  3. Do you use ‘BYOD’ (Bring Your Own Device)?
    Smartcard rollover when using BYOD is not possible. Therefore, ask a Rabobank employee to use his or her computer for a moment, log-in with your smartcard to that computer and follow the process as described in section one. It is important that your smartcard is connected to the Rabobank network via a smartcard reader (not a Vasco reader) in a Rabobank laptop/computer.

When do I receive the rollover message?
When you are connected to the Rabobank network on a Rabobank location via Wi-Fi or network cable, you will receive the automatic notification message for a rollover, every time you logon until you have performed the the rollover process succesfully.
When using TWP, E2B and/or BYOD you will not receive this message, but instead you are informed by e-mail.

As a reminder for the rollover you will receive this e-mail every week until the rollover is performed succesfully.

What happens if I do not complete the rollover procedure?
If the data on your smartcard is not refreshed in time, the data on your smartcard will expire and you will no longer be able to logon. Then there is only one option to resolve this: your smartcard needs to be reissued.
Local bank employees should go to the RSA manager to renew the data on the smartcard, Rabobank Netherlands employees should go to Security to renew the data on the smartcard.

Please contact Service Group ICT

Launch.ICA Save or Open

You can get this message from your browser when some configuration settings of the Citrix Receiver in Windows are not set.

When you get the message launch.ica after (re)installing the Citrix Receiver then you need to configure the Ica extension to start Citrix Receiver. You can set this up as follows:

  • Click on save when you get the message launch.ica
  • Save it to your desktop
  • Right click launch.ica on your desktop
  • Select “properties”
  • Select at tab General on the “change” button nest to “Open with”
  • Select “browse”
  • Win32: Select C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\wfcrun32.exe
    Win64: Select C:\program files X86\Citrix\ICA Client\wfcrun32.exe
  • Check if the “always use this program to open these files”checkbox is checked.

You also need to add “” to your trusted sites in your browser. You could search it up on the internet if you don’t know how to do this for your browser.

When the problem still excists you could choose to keep clicking on open when the message appears or try reinstalling the Citrix Receiver:

Keywords: browser, launch.ica

My personal VDI (BOW) is having issues.

You may have access to a personal VDI (also called Dedicated VDI or BOW) when you need to have admin-rights to make adjustments. Such a VDI has limited support. Should you need to reinstall the operating system in order to resolve issues in the VDI, you can arrange this yoursel by ordering ‘VDI herinstallatie’ in the RaboShop.

Please note:

  • Lead time is 3 working days.
  • During the actual reinstall-porcess, you cannot use the VDI.
  • If data needs to be preserved, You should take care of backuping these yourself.
  • Make sure you can be contacted, so we can plan the reinstall.
New iConnect certificate March 15th 2016

My device does not connect to iConnect automatically
When a device enables WiFi, a lot of devices try to connect to the last network they were connected to. Normally this works transparently, without further questions. After the certificate update it may be necessary to select the network again. This pertains to recent iPhones (5s and 6) in particular.

I get a question about accepting a new certificate
This question may or example pop up on iPhones, iPads, Mac Books and Windows-7-laptops. On Android phones this question does not occur. The new certificate is issued by DigiCert, a trusted authority that for example also issued the certificate. The question can safely be answered by ‘yes’. As an example, on a (Dutch) Windows-7-laptop this looks a follows:

I am connected to Guest Hotspot instead of iConnect
Your has probably tried to connect to the iConnect network, but this has taken too long. In such a case, most devices try to find an alternative network connection. On Rabobank sites it will normally find the Guest Hotspot network and connect to it. If you are connected to Guest Hotpsot, you’ve got an internet connection similar to iConnect. However, iConnect offers some extra functionality than Guest Hotspot. Therefore, it is best to select iConnect from the list of available networks. No success? Read : ’I can’t connect to iConnect’.

I can’t connect to iConnect

Especially with older Apple devices apparaten (iPad1, iPhone 4), Android phones and Windows Phones it may seem that the connection to iConnect fails completely. However, after some time the connection with iConnect will be established anyway. Sometimes, this may take several minutes. No time to wait? Then you may consider using Guest Hotspot in the meantime. Try to connect to iConnect after some time by selecting it from the list of available networks. Eventually the connection will succeed, although it may take several attempts. Please pay attention: It is not necessary to reset your password or WiFi profile!

keywords: BYOD, certificate, my device, wifi, iconnect

Session/connection hangs/is already opened while starting application or VDI

To resolve the issue that your session/connection is hanging or already opened while starting your application or VDI folow the appropriate work instruction.

Private devices are not supported. These instructions are provided AS IS without warranty of any kind just to get you started.

Workinstruction 1 (Screen/session hangs)

When an application or VDI hangs, this could be resolved by stopping the process of this hanging application. (use [CTRL]+[F3]).

Workinstruction 2 (Rabobank maintained deviced only)

For a Windows 7 device, check if the sleepmode in power options is not set to 30 minutes.

  • Click ‘start’
  • In the box start typing ‘energiebeheer’ / ‘power options’
  • Click ‘energiebeheerschema bewerken’ / ‘change plan settings’
  • Check if ‘De computer in slaapstand zetten’ / ‘Put computer to sleep’ is not set to 30 minutes. (is it is, contact the Servicedesk)
  • Lock the workstation with the key combination [Windows key] + [L] and remove the smartcard.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and insert the smartcard again. Press [vtrl]+[alt]+[del] an enter the appropriate pincode.
  • If needed supply the pincode for the application and continue.
Workinstructions 3 (aTelewerkportaal with private pc only)

Make sure the you are using the lateset Citrix receiver.

If the issue persists afte following the workinstructions.

– Rightclick the Citrix icon citrix_icoon or Citrix_Receiver in de Systeemtray


and choose  “Refresh Applications” (about ->advanced -> online plugin settings -> Refresh applications)  enter your pincode when propted.

When the problem still persists: contact the servicedesk.

Submit Telewerkportal to the trusted sites

Using Internet Explorer 11. To make it possible to connect to and launch an VDI from home, you should make the following adjustment:

Submit to the trusted sites:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to the site
  3. In Internet Explorer click on the gear-icon and click [Internet options]
  4. On the ‘Security’ tab click on [trusted sites] under security zone.
  5. Click [Sites]
  6. Insert
  7. Click [Close], Click [ok], close Internet Explorer and try again.

Keyword: IE11

The Vasco reader generates an error

Your smartcard of Vasco reader is defect when the Vasco Reader shows an error like “Foute kaart/Wrong card” or “Kaart error/Card error”.

You can use a different Vasco reader of a colleague in this case, when you receive the same error message try to renew your smartcard.

You need to get a new Vasco Reader when trying a different Vasco Reader doesn’t show an error anymore.

VDI not lanching since Firefox update 33

Since Firefox update 33 (October 14th 2014) clicking on the VDI icon does not launch the VDI.

The launch of the  Citrix Receiver is prohibited/blocked by Firefox. You need to confirm that you want to allow this.

Follow these steps:

  • Click on the plugin-button.Icoon blokkade Firefox at the left-hand side of your addressbar..
  • Click on [Allow and Remember].
    Click 'Allow and Remember'.
  • Now try launching the VDI again.
How to check your Citrix Receiver version (Windows)

To see what version of Citrix Receiver you have installed you could do the following:
– At the right bottom of the screen you see the Citrix Receiver icon Citrix_Receiver
– Right click on the icon and select ‘About’


– The number next to ‘Version’ is the current version you have installed


It’s always good to work with the newest version of the Citrix Receiver.
But it is necessary that you need to update if the version is below 4.1 (14.1)

See for instructions to remove the old version.

See for instructions to install the newest version of the Citrix Reciever.

What does error message 100 or 104 mean?

The error message ‘Your login details are incorrect (error code: 100/104’) means that the combination of your Username and Access code are incorrect. Check your username, generate a new access code  and try to login again. Make sure that you have no spaces in your username, that your ‘capslock’ is turned off or that your ‘numlock’ is on.

It’s also possible that your Vasco Reader battery is low what causes a time issue which means that the time of the Vasco reader isn’t correct anymore. Replace your Vasco Reader if this is the case.

Contact the Servicedesk if the problem still exists.

What does error message 102 or 103 mean?

The error message ‘Your login credentials could not be verified (Error message: (102 or 103)” means that there is a problem with the IT infrastructure. Check the status page at selfserviceportaal to check if there is a issue with the Telewerkportal.

What does error message 1030 mean?

There is a problem with the connection between your computer and Telewerkportal. Check the connection to the internet, configuration of your Firewall or rhe Virusscanner.
You can also try to reset your Router.

More tips to solve the issue:
– Try a different browser like Firefox/Google Chrome/IE
– Clean up your temporary internet files and cookies
– Restart your computer and try again
– Try if you can start a VDI on a different computer
– Update the drivers of your Networkcard
– Make sure you have installed the newest version of the Citrix Receiver
*Check the version of Citrix Receiver:
– Right click the (black) Citrix Receiver icon -> about -> Under version you see what version you have
– You can check what the newest version is on the Citrix website.

What does error message 105, 109, 112 or 113 mean?

The error “Your login details cannot be verified (error code: 105, 109, 112 of 113)'” means that there is a issue with the Telewerkportal infrastructure. You can look at the status of Telewerkportal to see if there are known issues with the infrastructure.

What does error message 110 mean?

The error message ‘Your credentials could not be verified(error message: 110)’ means that you have an incorrect password or that you filled in a password when you don’t need an password. Try to log in without filling the password field, if this doen’s solve the issue then contact the Servicedesk.

What does error message 111 mean?

The error message ‘Your credentials could not be verified (error message: 111)’
This means that there is a problem with your Rabobank user profile, you need to contact the Servicedesk to solve this problem.

What does error message 114 mean?

The error message “Your login details cannot be verified (error code: 114)” means that you are not authorized for Teleworkportal. Contact your manager to request the right autorisation.

What means error mesage 115?

The error message ‘Your credentials could not be verified (Error code 115)’
This means that you don’t have the right autorisation for Telewerkportal. Contact your manager to order this for you.

What does errorcode 116?

Error code 116  ‘Extra verification is necessary. Logout, and generate a new access code with your Vasco reader. Please login again with the new generated Access code.’

This means that the Vasco reader needs an extra verification. In most cases this happens when you log on to Telewerkportal for the first time or if a new Vasco reader is used.

Solution: Log on to Telewerkportal again with your username and a newly generated access code.

What does error ‘Connection Interrupted’ means?

This error message appears in case your device doesn’t have a stable connection. Most often this is caused by the fact that you are working wireless and you are to far gone from your accesspoint. Advise is to work closer to the accesspoint or to make use of a cable connection.

Suggestions for your device:

    • Disable the audio in your VDI when having regular disconnects
    • If losing the internet connection the moment you make the connection to the VDI. (click on the VDI icon within the telewerkportaal portal) you should reset your home router
    • Install the latest Citrix Receiver, at the startpage on you can find the work instruction you need
Which applications are not allowed to be used via Telewerkportaal?

This information can only be found on the (internal) ICT portal. In the menu, choose Virtuele Werkplek [VDI]. Click ‘Kaders & Richtlijnen’ and then ‘Toelichting op regelgeving’ to see the list of applications that cannot be used on Telewerkportaal due to security-reasons.

Telewerkportaal Error Cannot Complete Request —– http/1.1 service unavailable

The following error can occur when logging on to Telewerkportaal:
Error Cannot Complete Request —– http/1.1 service unavailable

This problem can be fixed by clearing the browser cache:
Internet Explorer: Internet options / inhoud / ssl status wissen
Microsoft Edge: Use Internet Explorer
Chrome: CTRL-SHIFT-DEL / clear data

For other browser please check the following website: Clear browser cache.

Virtuele desktop is vergrendeld, geeft Ctrl + Alt + Delete scherm of een bosje sleutels, en gaat niet verder

Virtuele desktop is vergrendeld, geeft Ctrl + Alt + Delete scherm of een bosje sleutels, en gaat niet verder.

Wanneer je een VDI opstart of weer overneemt nadat je de verbinding had verbroken en de VDI komt niet verder dan het Ctrl + Alt + Delete scherm, dan kun je het volgende doen.

  • Bovenin het scherm zie je een zwart balkje met een aantal iconen, klik het tweede icoontje aan. (Als je met je cursor erboven gaat staan zie je Ctrl+Alt+Del verschijnen).


  • Nu heb je een ctrl+alt+del commando gegeven waardoor je je eigen account kan selecteren om de VDI te unlocken.
  • Wanneer dit geen uitkomst bied doordat het systeem geen reactie vertoond, dien je alsnog de servicedesk te benaderen. Zij kunnen de machine overnemen met de daarvoor bestemde tooling en een CTRL-ALT-DEL versturen.
  • Mocht dit het probleem niet verhelpen dan kun je op de Telewerkportaalpagina de link “verbindings problemen?” (De link staat onder het beeldschermpje waarmee je de VDI opstart) aanklikken. LET OP: Hierdoor raak je wel je sessie kwijt en zal niet opgeslagen werk verloren gaan.

 Verbindings problemen

Wat betekent foutmelding 106 of 107?

De foutmelding ‘Uw inlog gegevens kunnen niet gecontroleerd worden (error code: 106 of 107)’ Betekent dat er centrale problemen zijn. Bekijk de status meldingen voor actuele status van het Telewerkportaal.

Wat betekent foutmelding 2320?

Deze melding komt samen met de melding ‘No value could be found for (..) that satisfies all lockdown requirements’
Oorzaak is een vervuiling in windows die gecorrigeerd moet worden

Open de windows registry editor
32-Bit Systeem:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Lockdown Profiles\All Regions\Lockdown\Virtual Channels\Control

64-Bit Systeem:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Lockdown Profiles\All Regions\Lockdown\Virtual Channels\Control

Verwijder de sleutel: ClientHostedApps

Ga naar:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Lockdown Profiles\All Regions\Lockdown\Virtual Channels\Control

Verwijder de sleutel: ClientHostedApps

Herstart je systeem en probeer nogmaals in te loggen.

Wat betekent foutmelding 2738?

Deze foutmelding gaat vaak samen met de melding ‘Internal Error’ Je krijgt deze melding omdat er in je windows installatie een onderdeel niet juist is geconfigureerd.
Om deze melding te verhelpen ga je naar Start -> Run/Uitvoeren
Type in het venster regsvr32 vbscript.dll
Probeer hierna nogmaals de installatie te starten.

Wat betekent foutmelding Error: .NET 2.0 or later is not installed

Voor de installatie van de Citrix Reciever is een component nodig dat heet ‘.Net Framework’
Dit component kan je gratis downloaden van Microsoft.
Link naar de website van Microsoft

Wat betekent foutmelding SSL 38?

Bij deze foutmelding gaat er iets niet goed met de verbinding tussen je computer en het Telewerkportaal.
Verwijder in je browser alle Cookies en Tijdelijke bestanden.
Herstart je browser en log opnieuw in.

Wat betekent foutmelding ‘Failed protocol consitency check; Command contained invalid parameter try connect again’

Deze melding wil zeggen dat de installatie van de Citrix Receiver niet juist is geïnstalleerd. Mogelijk staan er ook 2 of meerdere versies van de Receiver op je PC geïnstalleerd. Verwijder de software van je PC en start de installatie procedure. Voor hulp bij installeren verwijzen we je graag naar zelfhulp  sectie op SelfServicePortaal

E2B: Common problems

E2B doesn’t make connection


When you try to connect to E2B (via WiFi) an error appears, as example:

  • The VPN client driver encountered an error
  • Due to unsuccessful domain name resolution
  • Cannot connect
  • Any other connection error


Make use of a wired internet connection instead of a wireless WiFi connection. E2B works the best with a wired internet connection. To shut down the WiFi connection follow Solution 1, step 1. In case you’re not familiar with working on a wired internet connection at home, contact your internet provider.

Solution 1: Place a network cable between your internet router and laptop:

  1. Disable your WiFi adapter via the switch on the side of your laptop. Laptop types E7450, E7440 & E5470 don’t have a physical switch! For these types use the key combination FN –PRINTSCREEN
    • In case your laptop doesn’t make connection via the network cable, follow
      Solution 2
  2. Make connection with E2B
  3. Keep the laptop 30 minutes connected to your internet router
  4. After 30 minutes close E2B
  5. Remove the network cable from the laptop
  6. Start E2B via WiFi, see step 1 for turning on the WiFi.
    • If your WiFi doesn’t start, check your WiFi connections of your home network.

In case there can’t be made any connection with your home network, contact your internet provider

Solution 2: Reboot de laptop:

  1. Turn off the laptop, via Start -> Shutdown /Afsluiten
  2. Wait 20 seconds after turning off your laptop before rebooting
  3. Reboot the laptop

If there is still no connection with E2B after the reboot of the laptop, follow Solution 3.


Solution 3: Reinstall E2B:

  1. Go to Start > Alle programma’s > Microsoft System Center > Configuration Manager > Software Center
  2. Go to the tab Available Software
  3. Check if E2B herstel – Herinstallatie is in the list. If E2B herstel – Herinstallatie is in the list go further to step 5.
  4. Go to the next tab Installation Status
  5. Start the installation of E2B

 If none of the above solutions work, you can’t do anything more to solve E2B. To keep working you can do two things:

  1. Go to Telewerkportaal ( Beware! A Vascoreader (blue device) is required. For more information go to and follow the kiosks.
  2. Call the Cross Channel Servicedesk.
Username wrong or unknown

Check your username and generate a new access code to try again. Also check if your Caps Lock is off, if Num Lock is on and check that there are no spaces in your username. Ask your manager when you are not sure what your username is.

Restart Dedicated VDI

If you want to restart your Dedicated VDI, you can do this as follows:

  • Log in to Telewerkportaal
  • Click next to the VDI on the button “Details”
  • Click on the button “Restart”

Contact the servicedesk if it is not possible to restart the VDI.

How to restart your VDI

When you can’t login to your VDI you could try to restart the VDI yourself with the button ‘Problem connecting?’ to solve the issue. Ths is a hard reset wich means that your VDI is restarted directly without closing Windows first, so only use this when you can’t connect because your unsaved work will be lost.

You can find the button right under the ‘Monitor’.


keywords: reset – vdi

Problem with opening the Telewerkportaal page

If you have difficulty opening the Telewerkportaal page, it may be possible that cookies that are stored on your device are causing a problem.

Examples of such problems include the error Page can not be displayed, error 550, one moment please or error 43546.

Deleting cookies can provide a solution. Below you will find a description of how you can delete the cookies for the most common browsers:

Configuring two monitors and get VDI on fullscreen

Here are a few steps for configuring two monitors for your VDI on a Windows platform:

  • Make sure you have installed the latest Citrix Receiver.
  • Log on to Telewerkportal and start a VDI
  • Click on the small bar (with an arrow) at the top of the screen. You now see the bar expanding where you see a few options.
  • Click on the icon ‘Window’.
  • Drag the Windowed screen to the middle of the two monitors.
  • Dubbel click on the upper bar of the windowed screen
  • The VDI should now be in fullscreen mode on two monitors.

Update 16/03/2015 Windows 8.1 Issues with fullscreen mode

Laptop users could experience some issues like flickerings screens or split screens in fullscreen mode. This problem is reported by Windows 8.1 users working on a laptop with high resolutions.

The problem occurs when the the text or icon size is changed. To solve this issue you could try the following:

  • Right click on the Windows start button and select ‘Control Panel’
  • Select ‘Display’
  • Here you can configure the size of Text and Icons, configure it to small.
  • There could be a message saying that you need to logoff and logon again, this is not necessary in this situation.
  • Click Apply

The problem should be solved now.

Two Monitors

Keywords: Second monitor, screen, two monitors, dual mode, fullscreen

What does error message 208 mean?

The error message ‘Your login details are incorrect (error code: 208)’ means that the  Username that is used is incorrect. Check your username and try to login again.

Contact your manager if you dont’t know the username is correct.

– terug