Your own device (BYOD)

Welcome  at “Your own device (BYOD)”

The bank has implemented the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as a part of the Virtual Workspace concept.
Therefor we’ve set up a complete virtual workplace for external and internal employees. This concept accommodates the growing need to work with a device of your own choice. Applying BYOD gives fulfilment to the strategic choices made within the bank.

In the BYOD concept, you work with your own laptop (either your own personal laptop or one provided by your employer) on bank owned infrastructure. You no longer need your bank owned laptop, which you may return to a Servicedesk to contribute to the cost reduction within the bank.

Working with your own device means that you are no longer paid for nonproductive hours due to failures in the BYOD hardware. Support is limited to this website and Yammer: “Telewerkportaal en eigen device” group.


Working with BYOD at bank means working on a virtual workplace with a wireless connection.

  • At the office:
    • own device > iConnect > Telewerkportaal > virtual workplace
  • At home:
    • own device > your own WiFi/your own LAN > Telewerkportaal > virtual workplace

General conditions of connection

To use the BYOD service, you need your own device and also a few other things.
The following items are provided by the bank:

  • Smartcard;
  • Smartcard reader;

  • Telewerkportaal account;

  • Virtuele werkplace;

  • Wi-Fi connection (iConnect).

Requirements to the own device

Either you or your employer ensures that the device includes at least:

  • ‘Citrix Receiver’ software;

  • standard WiFi functionality;

  • an actual firewall and virusscanner;

  • a   screensaver with password protection (min. 15 minutes).

Normaly, any device with Windows (7/8/10) or Apple OSX, purchased within the EU and not older than 5 years, is running smoothly. If you are uncertain whether your device is compatible, look below for the detailed information about the operating system (Service description and conditions of connection BYOD) or WiFi (Technical conditions of connection WiFi (iConnect)).